If a bee was writing this post, she would hardly be wasting her own time and that of her readers in empty introductory sentences. The benefits of honey she so generously produces go far beyond “natural sweetening” and nutritional value. Did you know that...

You can preserve anything for very long periods (for years) using honey, even mummify. You must see this old post of Dr. Stoimir Mladenov (1967) on his attempts to preserve liver, eggs, seeds, small animals, etc., and the results of those experiments carried out with natural and artificial honey.

Honey hydrates the skin well in a natural way and can be successfully used as a moisturizing mask by ladies (and some gentlemen). It is easy to apply. Smear honey as much as a teaspoon on the dry skin. It is recommended to clean the area thoroughly beforehand. Rinse in 20 minutes.

It is also quite beneficial for cracked hand skin, usually in winter, nourishing it with valuable nutrients in a natural way. 

Chapped lips? Did you try to smear them with honey? If you refrain from licking them, they will recover soon.

Elbows can be treated with honey with no less success. To be specific, elbows with rough chapped skin. 

Against acne. Most people are aware of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey in its external use (see this, it differs from the internal consumption). Why to use honey enriched cosmetic products, when you can prepare a honey mask by yourselves.

It is not advisable to melt crystallized honey in order to liquefy it, which will destroy its valuable ingredients that matter the most.

A natural antiseptic. Effective in the treatment of flesh wounds, bruises, cuts, burns, and the like where there is a risk of wound infection.

And did you know that though more caloric than sugar, honey is a good helper in fat loss?

It melts lipomas. After several months of regular honey application on the persistent lipoma that has been developing for years, it is melted and disappears within 1 to 3-4 months, depending on its size. In combination with herbs and other therapeutic agents, the effect occurs considerably faster. Thus you can successfully avoid surgery.

Honey accelerates the removal of scars and burns. It facilitates skin cell regeneration and nourishes the skin. Periodically treat the affected area with honey. It will have a faster effect if you rub it with circular movements for 1-2 minutes than if you just apply it and tie around.

Mixed with shampoo, honey nourishes the hair follicle.

Mix one teaspoon of honey with the amount of shampoo you normally use when bathing and you will have a nutritious shampoo. It restores brittle and damaged hair.

It relieves sunburn. Honey can moisturize the skin to its deepest layers, promoting its faster recovery. It has soothing and anti-inflammatory actions.

It is not only fermented cabbage juice that can fight a hangover. A few tablespoons of honey will help your metabolism process alcohol faster. If you add a glass of orange juice and some yogurt afterwards, freshness will gradually work its way back through your head.

Undiluted lemon juice, mixed with a spoonful of honey, works wonders in cases of cold and flu. It quickly stabilizes the body and saves you money on drugs the use of which often does not lead to faster recovery, and sometimes even worsens your condition.

Regular consumption of honey helps people who tend to experience frequent bouts of anxiety.

It helps fight dandruff. There a number of traditional medicine recipes, including honey as a major component.

It helps you get rid of bad breath. Mix one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon in a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth with each sip before swallowing.

It softens hard water.

A reserve and great means of preparation before the end of the world or WW3. :)  Long shelf life, relieves and treats wounds against parasites, nutritious, strong preservative properties.

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