Avenues to healing are a matter of personal preference. However, when it comes to advanced cancer, few would renounce the routine methods such as chemotherapy and radiation exposure and resort to alternative cancer treatments. Professor Yanaki Karadzhov from Bulgaria is among those few. When 21 years ago he was recommended a chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with Colon Cancer, he flatly excluded such an option, resorting to a treatment after his own recipe.

Up until the present day, being 81 years of age, the Bulgarian microbiologist, ecologist and apitherapist keeps working actively, looking for ways to prolong human live and strengthen people’s immune system. The sauerkraut juice prepared according to his recipe helps not only cancer patients, but healthy individuals as well, boost their immunity and prevent a number of other diseases.

While describing Prof. Karadzhov’s curative „trio” - propolishoney and sauerkraut juice, what comes to mind spontaneously is the memory of the English navigator James Cook /1728-1779/, who would encourage his crew to eat sauerkraut for better health. Back then the insidious disease of scurvy was defeated by sauerkraut because of the high level of vitamin C in its content. Nowadays probably yet another battle with one of the most insidious diseases of our time is about to be won.

This time, however, this is a battle of the sauerkraut juice in combination with propolis and honey as strong immunomodulatory agents. To those who have the courage to choose natural remedies before the aggressive and harmful chemo- and radiotherapy, we offer the recipe of prof. Karadzhov that has helped hundreds of people in Bulgaria to get cured in their efforts of cancer treatment or just to improve their health.

The curative sauerkraut juice is prepared in the following manner:

Ingredients Needed

Take a 100 liter can and fill it with:

- 50 kg. of cabbage

- 50 l. of water (possibly not tap water, because chlorinated water hinders the fermentation process)

- 900 g. of sea salt

- 3 apples

- 3 quinces

- 3 lemons (the fruit should be cut into big pieces)

- 1 corn cob or the amount of corn grains contained therein (about a handful)

- 1 kg. of honey (It WON’T make the juice sweet. It is readily consumed by the bacteria during the fermentation process).

- the juice of about 500 g. of horseradish root. Its diameter should be at least 6 cm. so that some juice could be squeezed out of it.

- a red cabbage

- 370 g. of propolis powder

Method of Preparation

The cleaned cabbages should be placed with the base of the stem (the stump) upward. It should be cut crosswise and a tablespoon of sea salt be poured into it. All the ingredients should be added, excluding the propolis and the horseradish. The water should be poured over and the needed time be provided for the mixture to ferment well enough.

When the cabbage is nicely sharp and sour to taste, the propolis (propolis powder) should be added to stop the fermentation, and then the horseradish juice.

This juice can be drunk throughout the year as a curative homemade drink without harmful preservatives, rich in vitamins and curative ingredients. There are no maximum daily doses fixed. It should be consumed as a daily drink. The juice canned so can last more than 10 years without losing its curative properties mostly due to the lactobacilli, propolis and horseradish volatile substances.

”Volatile substances kill the viruses causing cancer. I would encourage people not to be afraid to eat pungent foods as much as they can. This will keep them from viruses. I have not lost a single patient for seventeen years now.”

Yanaki Karadzhov

Speaking about his curative sauerkraut juice, the professor adds that what is popular at the moment in the treatment of many diseases is the bee sting in the spine or the lumbar area. „This is a cure for all diseases”. The Bulgarian professor has been helping hundreds of people not only to fight against the insidious disease but also to keep their bodies healthy and resistant to viral infections.

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